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Solid Screen Festival cancelled

Solid Screen Festival has been running since 2014 but now cancelled until further notice.
Due to refusal of meaningful support in Queensland, Solid Screen Festival is not being held in 2020 *.
However please check out the #cyberTribe20yearsStrong project titled  h e a l :

* 2019: Queensland State Premier Anna Palaszczuk has refused to increase funding (from $4000) for the Solid Screen Festival for Indigenous Women (internationally) but has announced that she has magically found $1.6 million in the budget for Queensland to host the London-based (mainstream) Women of the World (WOW) Festival for another three years from 2020... Cultural apartheid is ugly. Wouldn't we expect more from a Woman Premier too?

Hopefully Queensland grows up soon.
Pictured in this post is a letter from the Palaszczuk Government - which they just basically cut and paste from Screen Queensland, but have failed to address the questionable issue of funding to Indigenous Screen FESTIVALS *or the LACK the…