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2017 Solid Screen tour to the GlassHouse Mountains

2017 SOLID SCREEN Festival

at Nungeena Saturday 29 April 2017. 
Streek Road, Sunshine Coast.  Beginning at Sunset.
cyberTribe presents SOLID - an International Festival of the Screen.  SOLID Screen Festival includes a range of short film works from invited Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Native Canadian and other Indigenous women Digital Storytellers that express the current state of culture in this political climate.

Lynn Chapman, Semah Mokak-Wischki, Paulsy Casely-Hayford, Michelle Blakeney and Jenny Fraser introduced their films.

The SOLID Screen Festival held on the 29th April 2017 screened works by women artists, and was open to the public, for all women and children.

First Nations Telegraph News Story

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map to Nungeena

SOLID SCREEN 2017 is presented by Jenny Fraser and supported by Jirun Council, Nungeena and Screen Queensland.